Leader: Ron Morrow

Keeping an over 150 year old building in good condition is a daunting task but one our parishioners are committed to. Perhaps you have seen contractors working on the bricks as they are flaking and need much more repair and replacement due to age and water damage. With the help of a grant from the Rock foundation and monies in ADIT we were able to repair louver and brickwork on the tower/ entrance.
This past year we replaced the obsolete main control panel for our fire and smoke detection system. That system monitors both the church and the rectory and automatically notifies emergency responders in case of a fire.
We also replaced 2 pressure relief valves and the plumbing on all 4 of the valves on our heating system. This work was a result of an annual boiler safety inspection required by the state.
We replaced the 5 toilets in the church to chair height to meet ADA requirements and they use less water.
The office got a long overdue makeover and update which is more welcoming and efficient.

Our plan for coming year is to continue with the brick work by repointing buttresses on the south side of the church and purchase plexiglass covers to put over 2 storm wells and improve drainage. We hope to purchase and install a dehumidifier in the basement under the church. This will happen through your pledges, another grant through Rock fund and ongoing donations through the Brick Fund.